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This perception of a rope as a snake is the perception of a non-existent thing by the perceiver. Thus, a delusion which is taken as a real cognition is what really causes fear, lasting till death. Again it is a common experience that one sometimes sees the stump of a tree as a demon, superimposing a terrible fiendish look on the tree, which in some cases might result in the heartbeat stopping and death. The root cause of delusion is an imperfect projection. Similarly, merit and demerit, heaven and hell, birth and death, joy and sorrow, varna caste, and asrama stages of life, etc.

Though non-existent in the pure Self, arise by the strength of delusion. 29 Just as a piece of rope, though only a rope, Yoga Urdhva Mukha Svanasana Pose is perceived as a snake due to delusion, and thus causes a corresponding response to that delusion, so merit, etc., though non-existent in reality in the pure Self, are falsely cognised as existent in the Self due to nulia’s power of delusion. Meritorious acts such as the performance of the aivamedha sacrifice; demeritorious acts such as the killing of a brahmin, etc.; the enjoyment of the unsurpassable happiness of heaven; the terrible suffering of hell; birth, and death which is the end of birth and life; happiness and sorrow-all are products of rajas.

Varna in the above verse refers to the feeling I am a brahmin etc.; and QSrama means the stages of life such as brahmacarya. Etc. in the above verse refers to tapas austerities and vrata religious vows, etc. All these art-mental creations produced by the power of delusion of nulya takti, and are falsely experienced in the Self identified with the body.

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