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In other words, ether surrounded by different objects does not undergo differentiation caused by the limiting property of the surrounding object. On the contrary, ether, being one and the same in essence, appears in a variety of forms only upon being surrounded by varying limiting properties. Thus ether remains ether, despite contraction caused by a jar, etc., because its ability to perform the actions of ether persists also in that form when surrounded by a jar. The defilement of ether due to its association with limited properties like a jar, etc.

The fact that you may not be able to anticipate or forecast the result of any single action or series of actions does not mean that there will be no consequences of these actions. The Yogic approach to the question of karma goes far beyond morality, beyond goodand evil.In Yoga we do not attempt to learn and memorize a multitude of do’s and don’ts, so that we know which ones to apply to a given situation. What happens is that one reacts correctly with deep intuition, not with thought, as he gradually becomes more and more aware of Universal Mind. The crux of the whole matter of karma is this: If an individual is forever generating causes and if these causes must forever work out in effects, then this would seem to mean that an individual must be reborn eternally. Exactly so,says the Yogi. This is what is depicted by the eternal wheel of life the eternal births and deaths through which the individual soul must pass, always suffering and never finding the true peace which it seeks. Is there then no escape? Yes, there is, according to Yoga, one escape and only one escape.

Stop the Causes and There Are No Effects But if every action is in itself a new cause, how can the causes be stopped? The causes are stopped by disassociation with your actions. You act. You do what you have to do in your everyday life, but you act in such a way as not to be involved in your actions! In this way the action is not attached to you; there is consequently no cause and there can be no effect. You have withdrawn yourself from the entire matter. In other words, you are in the fire when necessary, but you are not being burned. You are engaged in living your life in the most complete manner possible and yet you are not being tossed about as a leaf in the wind. Does this seem difficult to understand and apply? Let us examine the matter more closely. When you become upset, angry, jealous, anxious, overjoyed, depressed, etc.

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