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In the beginning, the manifestation of grossness characterised by differentiation is caused by darkness in the form of delusion in the self-existent pure being-consciousness, due to which existent objects which are really non-different from the Self are experienced as different from the Self. It is therefore said that delusion is like darkness superimposed upon darkness. Just as one moon is seen doubly as two moons due to the presence of darkness in a diseased eye, so all objects, despite their being of the nature of the Self pure consciousness, appear as different {from the Self in the form of the not-self, and also as differentiated from each other. In this way, another veil of darkness the baitddha ajililna, or intellectual ignorance appears to have fallen on the darkness arising from self-contraction or paurusa ajiiana, and is another delusion arising from the fundamental delusion, here likened to the development of a boil on scalded skin.1 One experiences the Self in the not-self in all objects of experience, such as the physical body, the vital air, etc. due to false identification caused by ignorance. They the objects of experience appear as gross due to the negation of their nature as consciousness in the form of I am lean, I am fat, I am hungry, I am happy’ I have nothing, and so on. Such experiences of the Self in the not-self are obviously due to false identification of the Self with the not-self due to the absence of the knowledge of the real nature of the Self caused by its self-contraction and as such are very disturbing in the same way that this identification of the Self as the not-self is disturbing due to the absence of knowledge of the Self in the real Self. The same is true when properties like blue, happiness, etc., are perceived as different from the Self.

This too is possible in the case of any object. But it is true in the case of some objects, like the physical body, Yoga Urdhva Dhanurasana Pose, that even though they are insentient in nature, there is some sprinkling of the nectar of the Self in the living body due to the presence of consciousness in them. On the other hand, some objects or properties like blue, happiness, etc., are experienced as objects idam devoid of sentience.

These two divergent experiences of objects, or the not-self, arising from the superimposition of the Self on the not-self in one case and the superimposition of the not-self on the Self or pure consciousness in the other are a deplorable state of affairs in the world and are responsible for causing bondage to individuals and afflicting them with pain. All thus has been stated by the female ascetic Madalasa in the Milrkandeya Purctna: A chariot stands on the earth; a physical body sits on the chariot; a person lives in the body; even then the person does not feel any of the attachment towards the earth that he feels for his body-this is the height of his foolishness. Thus he binds himself through false self-experiences arising from his ignorance about his true nature, as stated in the following verse: Just as a spider ensnares himself in his web, so he the embodied man in the world binds himself by experiencing worldly objects like the physical body, the vital breath, intellectual knowledge, and the expanse of sky. 32 All subjects who experience pure consciousness veiled by ignorance bind themselves by the bonds of a self-generated conceptual knowledge of the Self in the not-self. In what way? The reply is: With the help of the physical body.

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