Yoga Upward Abdominal Lock


This is simple. Kneel with hands (palms) Yoga Upward Abdominal Lock resting on knees, the feet separated enough to allow the buttocks to reach the floor. Maintain this position for five minutes, increasing to 10 minutes with practice, while pendulum breathing is maintained as in the Bhadra position. Again tension and relaxation can be contrasted. Stay with the latter feeling.

3. Sarvangasana

a. Lie on your back wuh a folded blanket under the shoulders.

b. Slowly elevate the body until the trunk is vertical, the knees flexed so that they touch the forehead.

c. Finally, extend the legs out straight so that the trunk and legs are in a straight line. During these manoeuvres press the upper arms into the blanket and let the hands find their way behind the shoulder blades to support. The chest is pressed up to the chin as far as possible.

d. Hold the pose for a few minutes while practising pendulum breathing. With considerable practice this period can be extended to 10 minutes in a fit young person. There is little relaxation in this pose, but it will flood in as you move into your autogenics.

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