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Yoga union square for In addition to these direct costs are other financial burdens that are all but impossible to quantify. Indirect costs refer to the value of economic productivity lost because of illness or premature mortality. Intangible costs refer to the psychosocial burdens depression, loss of self-confidence, stress imposed by a disease. Though a precise dollar figure cannot be calculated, diabetes surely exacts an enormous toll in these areas. The Future The health, economic, and psychosocial burdens of diabetes have grown significantly since the s, and they are projected to continue growing globally in coming decades. More reliable and consistent data collection will aid in understanding the factors that perpetuate diabetes risk, the health and economic impacts of the disease, and the most appropriate timing and population segments to target for intervention. Activist groups, some of them national the ADA, and some transnational the International Diabetes Federation, WHO are taking the lead in this area. Yoga union square photos, Yoga union square 2016.

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