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This is caused by the supreme Lord who voluntarily imposes limitation on himself at the beginning of creation. On the other hand, bauddlu ajnana is located in the intellect of the embodied individual and arises from the wrong identification of the not-self with the Self. As such it is held to be conceptual in nature. Tile rUfa ajrlilita has been metaphorically compared to scalded skin on the body of an embodied being on which a more painful boil in the form of the bauddha ajUOna develops. The commentator analyses the concept of the Self as put forward by the different schools of Indian philosophy and tries to show that all views about Self are conceptual pikalpa, and ultimately not real.

See also the commentary on verse The Supreme Lord is popularly called natarilja the king of divine sport who always derives immense joy by enacting the cosmic play. He is said to watch the play as the spectator but also at the same time to actively participate in it by playing all the different roles. The author has attempted to shed light on the similarity existing between the Upanisadic theory of the four states of the existence of the Self in the world and the non-dual Saivite concept of creation, preservation and absorption. All of these derive from the light of the pure consciousness which pervades all.

The commenta:or has shown how the waking state in the individual being is similar to the manifestation of the universe, his dreaming state to the light of consciousness which possesses the power to reveal, and his dreamless sleep state to the state in which one is aware of his existence as Self only. The fourth state, a state of massive Self consciousness or the knowledge of the pure Self, is the foundation of all the other states as it permeates and pervades all these three states. As has already been pointed out, the experience of self, which ever’ embodied individual has on the mundane plane and which is the basis for all his worldly transactions is conceptual in nature. Since the Sell arises from the voluntary self-contraction of the supreme Lord, it cannot be undone by one s own efforts but can be annihilated only by the supreme Lord through his power of grace anugraha which is the opposite of his power of self-contraction nigraha. He alone possesses the power to undo what he has done to himself to manifest himself as many.

The non-dual Saivites consider the descent of divine grace into a limited being as the starting point ol his return journey to the ultimate goal, the realisation of his Siva nature. This is because divine grace causes the destruction of the ilnava mala the source of paurufa ajfUlna the root cause of bondage. All other experiences such as performance of the duties enjoined in the scriptures, visiting holy places of pilgrimages, repeating the name of God, listening to spiritual discourses, etc., are incapable of annihilating the anava mala. Only the descent of divine grace can achieve this.

Yoga at union depot for In addition to spiritual matters, the continuing importance of the environment and subsistence activities in this farming community is also recognized symbolically through the celebration of the coldest day of the year, the first snow, and rites centered on livestock and slaughtering of pigs and sheep. However, these festivals have now merged with religious ones. Finally, the importance of the family is reflected in the mother s and father’s day holidays, the blessing of the children, and the involvement of children in all the festivals. Annual Cycle of Festivals in Rampur, India Rampur is a farming village in the Punjab region of northwestern India. The population is mainly Hindu, although as in much of village India, local beliefs and practices within the context of Hinduism are more significant than allegiance to national Hinduism itself. As with the Serbs, the cycle of Rampur festivals points to the central role played by religion in community life. Only Tij is a secular holiday, and other major Indian secular holidays such as Ghandi s Birthday and Republic Day are ignored in Rampur. Yoga at union depot photos, Yoga at union depot 2016.

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