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Meditation by an enlightened spiritual adept is uninterrupted because the Lord, infinite siva, who is the same as the pure Self of the spiritual adept, incessantly creates the variety of forms by operating his power of action ikriyH. He possesses infinite powers for imagining any form he likes. The continuous creation of the infinite variety of objects takes the form of his conceptualisations or imaginings, which he depicts in the mirror of his mind. His imaginings are without beginning or end, and they are nothing but his meditation. For one who knows all this, all the activities of his mind, free from limitations, become divine.

When a particular deity is meditated upon, then the meditation takes a definite form in accordance with the imagination of the face and limbs etc. of that particular deity. But in fact every activity of the mind is only a manifestation of the highest Yoga Sakti. Thus, whatever form is imagined in the meditation of the spiritual adept as a mental formulation is not different from illumination, despite its being only the mind’s imaginings. This is due to the omnipresence of pure consciousness.

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