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Yoga underground for There are huge disparities in burdens, access to care, and expenditures related to diabetes. Eighty percent of the health-care expenditures on diabetes occur in the regions where only percent of people with diabetes live. It is unfortunate that scarcity of resources results in greater disability and mortality. This is particularly concerning as the lost productivity perpetuates the challenges that LMICs face in trying to achieve better social and economic outcomes.

Given that the care and consequences of diabetes are burdensome and costly, intervening before onset of the disease may be a decisive turning point in addressing the global burdens of diabetes. Around the turn of the century, evidence from five countries emerged demonstrating the benefits of structured lifestyle programs in people at high risk for diabetes those with pre-diabetes or those who are overweight with other risk factors. This evidence showed that controlling weight through consuming a healthier diet and exercising regularly prevented, or at least forestalled, onset of the disease. Yoga underground photos, Yoga underground 2016.

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