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Implications for the Psychotherapist

This type of fuzzy engineering posits a number of questions for the psychotherapeutic practitioner. For example, if we accept this point of view, it becomes difficult to use the notion of psychopathology. In all populations, there will be immense variations of every imaginable trait: bodily (height, width, regularity of the traits, etc.), mental (intelligence, feelings, imagination, type of memory, etc.), and behavioral (endurance, ability, frigidity or impotence, impulsivity, violence, etc.).113 This variation is inevitable as soon as we accept that the randomness of genetic mechanisms have a profound influence on each human being.114 All that a Darwinian psychotherapist can evaluate is a pile of mechanisms and practices that more or less hold the course, that more or less have the chance of mental as well as bodily survival in a given environment. That is what a Darwinian neuropsychiatrist like Boris Cyrulnik (2004) designates in the way he uses the term resilience: close to the word fitness as used by Wallace.

A therapist must therefore be able to evaluate the resources contained in a mass of mechanisms that have been agglomerated by nature as well as their capacity to survive more or less comfortably in an environment where human traits (physiological health, the performance of the body, behavioral skills, and mental flexibility) are stressed by constant competition (within and between each organism).115 The finesse of a psychotherapist who uses a conception that combines the models of Clark and Cellerier is to perceive with the patient which interventions allow for the calibration of a detail (a way of thinking, a postural readjustment, a change in the style of communication), which allows for a slight realignment of an organismic system within the social system Having observed the effect of the first calibration, it becomes possible to proceed to a following calibration that will permit consolidation of the one first acquired, and so on. We are following here in fast forward speed the process of evolution such as it was defined by Wallace and Darwin. After more than 100 years of psychology and psychotherapy, clinical research allows us to identify some causal chains that are particularly pertinent for certain types of individuals. This clinical research can help a therapist perceive and more precisely use forms of intervention to help a patient better understand himself and survive in a more comfortable way.

Homeostasis, Hormones, Vegetative Functions, and the Brain: Somatic Autoregulation of the Affects and the Organism

In the sections dedicated to the theory of evolution, we have mostly discussed the interaction that constructs itself between behavior and environment. Lamarck had also foreseen, in his syllabus for biology, a study of the interaction between behavior and the internal environment of the organism This second portion of Lamarck’s project is what I now want to address. It is a pivotal theme for body and somatic psychotherapists, because it describes how the interaction influences not only the psyche but also other regulators of the organism

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