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To fully understand psychophysiology requires the study of physiology and biology. Even if he has not undertaken such studies, a psychotherapist especially if he works with the body and the soma cannot avoid being interested in what is known in these domains. The mixture of a psychological clinical model and physiological models is nonetheless problematic for several reasons:

1. Typically, a clinician selects, from the body of literature in which he is interested, scientific models that confirm the psychotherapeutic approach he has developed. He cannot, given his education and training, situate what interests him in the dynamics of the field of research in psychophysiology. In this discipline, as in psychotherapy, many theories are in competition with each other. They all have some strong points and important limitations. Therefore, to adopt one of these theories because it is appealing and confirms the stance one has adopted does not mean that this choice is pertinent.

2. In neurophysiology, certain studies are surpassed after only a few decades. To want to associate a psychological clinical model to one approach in the neurosciences is to court disaster, for the clinical model will consequently be surpassed as rapidly as the physiological model that supports it, even if the psychological information used for this perspective is still valid.

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