Yoga Uddiyana Bandha Pose

What is involved in these things? It is your mental and Yoga Uddiyana Bandha Pose emotional bodies which create and experience such sensations. If the mental and emotional bodies were brought under control and not allowed to run away with you, as do the wild horses with the carriage when the driver of the coach falls asleep, then you \\ould not be subject to cause and effect. The mental and emotional bodies are another way of speaking about the ego. You must expose the ego for what it is the illusion of a separate self. We must be able first to control and then to see through the ego. When you are able to do this, you will be free from the endless round of births and deaths. Only in this freedom can you experience the true peace which you are forever seeking. The droplet of water remains what it is only as long as it is detached from the ocean; when it joins the ocean it becomes the ocean and can no longer be distinguished as an individual droplet.

The strangest of all ironies is that you, too, have already joined the ocean of Universal Mind; indeed, you could never have been separate from it for a moment, but the ego obscures this profound realization. To dissolve the ego so that it may merge with Universal Mind and your true identity be revealed to you is the purpose of the Yoga and primarily of the techniques of meditation. Concentration with the Voice We have previously used sight, sound and breath as our passiveconcentration techniques. Now we utilize the voice! We have discussed the day and night of creation. The Yogi informs us that if we were able to hear the sound of the dayas th creation was manifesting indeed, if we could somehow stand outside of the universe and hear the sum total of all the sounds that were occurring in the universe, we would hear the great sound of OM. To become in harmony with the Universal Mind, the Yogi reproduces this sound with his voice in deep, long, steady tones. The effect of this sound is a most calming and, at the same time, energizing one. We are going to learn and use this technique.

The Sanskrit symbol for OM, the most powerful of all Yogic incantations Mantras. Representing the entire range of creation, it is uttered as instructed on the following page to achieve unity with Universal Mind. Seated in a cross-legged posture, keep your spine erect, form the circle mudra with your thumb and index finger of both hands and lower your eyelids as we have done in previous techniques. Slowly inhale a Complete Breath. Shape your lips in the form of an Oand, keeping your voice as low and as steady as possible, use half of the air in your lungs to very slowly sound the letter O.When half of the air has been used with this sound, close your lips and sound the letter M,feeling the vibrations throughout your head and body. When you have used all of your air producing the Msound, without pause inhale another Complete Breath and repeat. Perform this technique seven times.

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