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Yoga tricks on 33 Hardy s message is clear: beware of simplification, even the simplification that I m now going to offer you. One point that I think always has to be considered when exploring Indian religious writings is the social situation at the time of their composition, a consideration that is made challenging by the difficulties with dating Indian texts. Moreover, many influential Indian writers on yoga often seem to live in what I can only describe as a historical fantasy land. Swami Satyadharma s Introduction to his translation of the Yogachudamani Upanisad provides us with some fine examples of this tendency: he claims that Ancient India was once a vast country, covering Iraq, Iran, Afghanistan and Pakistan in the western region; Nepal, Sikkim, Bhutan, Tibet, some parts of Western China and Asiatic Russia in the northern region; Bangladesh, Burma, Thailand, Laos and Cambodia in the eastern region; and Sri Lanka and the Lemurian continent in the southern region. 34 He clearly has little understanding of plate tectonics, which show that many of the countries he includes in Ancient India are on different plates and that there never has been any Lemurian continent ; he also presents myth as history, e.g. the Aryan race descended from Manu, the original man ; he thinks that the excavations at Mergarh show that vedic civilisation goes back to 6000 bc when they do no such thing; he also seems to endorse the claims of writers he refers to as some historians, who assert that the date for the present version of the Vedas is 4500 bc and then slips back into mythology, calling the Puranas ancient scriptures which make the Vedas both eternal and historically going back hundreds of thousands of years;35 he claims that tantric philosophy existed alongside the Vedas and that the first cross cultural exchange between the Vedas and Tantras took place in the Indus Valley civilisation at Harappa and Mohenjodaro ; I ll stop after this one. Yoga tricks 2016.

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