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By means of which the spiritual adept worships Lord Siva. What are the objects with which he worships Lord Siva? The reply is given in the phrase beginning with the words contemplation of the Self. The contemplation of the Self by the spiritual adept takes the form of the understanding that my pure Self is all this. This understanding implies that the perceiver who rests in the absolute ahanita ‘T’-nature experiences all The totality The experience of resting in the absolute I-ness removes from an object any blemish arising out of the experience of duality. Thus the five-fold sense objects such as sound etc. are purified by the disappearance of their material nature. He the adept worships Lord Siva by means of such objects, purified by his own self-experience.

In this way, an enlightened individual incessantly experiences the glory of the absolute I ness in himself, establishing within himself, while experiencing them, the identity of all external objects with his pure Self. This is the real meaning of worshipping the divine being within oneself. It is in the light of this fact that external objects like sound etc. are considered to be the instruments of worship. A careful spiritual adept therefore should always act as a worshipper of his inner Self in the course of his transactions with worldly objects.

This is the view of those who know the secret of the act of worship. Rajanaka Rama has said this in his devotional hymn: Because you are daily worshipped by me with the worldly objects offered to you as gifts by the radiant powers of the senses, O Lord, please reveal to me your form as Bhairam, who is an expert in moving about in the worldly night of darkness, who lives in a burning ground for corpses, the body made of flesh, fat, and bones. All worship should be followed by the performance of sacrifice. The way an enlightened being performs this is described in the following verse: When he offers a great pile of seed made from the diversity of the external and internal figments of thought to the blazing flame of consciousness, this is his fire-oblation homo, given effortlessly.1 The enlightened being performs a sacrifice by offering oblations to his own inner Self, the consciousness-fire which is illuminated by the radiant light of the absolute ‘T’-nature.

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