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This has been stated by the author in the following verse: Notions like stream of pure awareness, the witness, the vital breath, the all-pervasive body, the Universal, and the individual are only conventionally true on the empirical plane. They have no actual existence. Yogardja’s commentary on verse 27 VijnHna, or pure awareness, though free from limitations, name and form, is manifested in the different properties of external objects such as blue, happiness, etc., due to the power of residual impressions vUsanSs stored in it from time immemorial, serving as the impelling force for the awakening of the multiplicity lying latent in it. This is the view of the Vijftanavadins.

The view of the adherents of Brahman the Yoga Tolasana Pose is that the supreme Brahman, who exists as the innermost being in all, manifests itself as multiplicity due to beginningless ignorance. They base this view on scriptural statements such as Purusa is all and there is no multiplicity. In neither of these views has divine freedom been mentioned as inherent in pure consciousness, which is the root cause as well as the essence of the world manifestation. Others speak of prana as Brahman. Thus they hold that the self-aware sabda-brahman the eternal word is the supreme reality because the cosmic prana pervades the entire cosmos and nothing exists apart from the prana.

Hence the cosmic prana should be regarded as the supreme reality. Others hold that the all-inclusive universal body of the Brahman is the all-pervasive reality. As has been said: Salutations to the universal being who has fire as his mouth, heaven as his head, the sky as his navel, the earth as his legs, the sun as his eye, and different directions as his ears…

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