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The practice of experiencing unity in this world of diversity is his austerity vrata. It is brought about through reasoning, through the authority of scriptural texts and through the experience that I alone am manifest in the different forms. As has also been stated in the Yoga Gita: Harmonised by yoga, he sees the Self abiding in all beings, and all beings abiding in his Self everywhere the same. I Yoga Gita V1.29 This affirmation of the experience of unity is his the spiritual adept’s austerity.

The universe is comprised of subjects and objects, embodied beings, jars, etc. that are material in nature and are lying scattered here and there like hundreds of dead bodies, and therefore the universe can be likened to a cremation ground. This is because pure consciousness alone is the Goddess in the world and therefore non-material in nature.

All other things, including the physical body and the objects of enjoyment, are inert and material, and require the light of consciousness for their revelation. Therefore all objects are like corpses, and the universe, which is full of them, is similar to a cremation ground. hi the mundane world, consciousness alone shines amidst a very fearful atmosphere characterised by birth and decay. A spiritual adept practising austerities spends his time in this cremation ground. He is indeed an extraordinary practitioner of austerities, as he lives like a mad person in the world, playing with living beings in bondage pa£u and also with inert objects like jars and so on, which are also like so many corpses on account of their perishable nature.

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