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Yoga to yoke for Proponents of international adoption dismiss these concerns. They observe that more than million orphans exist globally more than half of them in Africa, and that international adoption provides some of these children with families. Further, the international community with the United States taking the lead has done much to ensure the safety and protect the best interests of the children. The UNCRC, HAC, and the United States Final Rules regarding the Hague Convention all decree that international adoption should be a last resort in the absence of other alternatives, and all strictly prohibit various forms of child abuse. Haitian orphans await transport to their adoptive families in France after the catastrophic earthquake of International adoption, which dates to World War II, now enables tens of thousands of orphans and needy children each year to find new homes. Thony Belizaire AFP Getty Images The Future For the great majority of the children adopted worldwide each year, adoption provides a family and leads to a dramatic improvement in quality of life. Yoga to yoke photos, Yoga to yoke 2016.

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