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This second theme will permit us to situate the notion of the auto-regulation of the organism This notion had been taken up by those body psychotherapists6 for whom one of the functions of body psychotherapy is to facilitate an organism’s capacity to self-regulate constructively.

In his evolutionary physiology, Lamarck demonstrates that organisms are, before anything else, membranes containing fluids. A way to describe the evolution of anatomy and physiology is to show how the regulatory mechanisms of the fluids evolved.7 The development of the organs relate to a differentiation of the body fluids (venous and arterial blood, lymph, urine, saliva, sweat, tears, etc.). When the nervous system finally appears, it participates not only in the regulation of the fluids but also in the interaction between body movements and body fluids. Thus, the muscular activity that animates a gesture is structured by the nervous system but must also have a pertinent logistic support from the cardiovascular system.

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