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Yoga to u for Plastics, on the other hand, are more problematic, for two reasons. First, they are relatively cheap to manufacture, and the raw material, oil, is not inordinately expensive. At the same time, because there are so many varieties of plastic, large costs are sustained in separating them out, though this is made easier by the labeling codes adopted by industry under the prodding of various developed world governments since the s. While the economic reasons for various forms of recycling are not particularly controversial except in certain localities where people have questioned whether or not government recycling mandates are cost-effective the environmental arguments for recycling divide along ideological lines. While all agree that recycling is good for the environment, more radical environmentalists, or deep ecologists, argue that the recovery and reuse of products, while beneficial, are hardly an adequate approach to truly preserving the environment. They call for waste reduction of a very profound sort, beyond merely streamlining the manufacturing process, reducing packaging, using either less material or more recycled materials in products a trend denoted by the adjective green, as in green design, green manufacturing, and green products. Deep ecologists argue that humanity, particularly that portion of humanity that lives amid the abundance of the developed world, must rethink some basic ideas about consumption and the economy. Yoga to u photos, Yoga to u 2016.

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