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Yoga to stretch back for In accordance with the Court’s decision, proponents argue that diversity, in both the workplace and schools, is beneficial to all and is sufficient reason for preferential treatment. They suggest that diversity produces a better education by exposing students to a greater variety of ideas, and that in business a diverse company will be more competitive in the rapidly changing modern economy. Critics dismiss these claims and charge that the emphasis on the benefits of diversity something not typically included in the conversation before Bakke is simply a smokescreen that allows schools to continue to pursue affirmative action in the face of Court-ordered restrictions. Confusion and Retrenchment Affirmative action clearly was and is a complicated issue, and Bakke was followed by Court decisions that reflected American confusion over, and ambivalence toward, affirmative action. Bakke seemed to ban the use of quotas, but the ruling in Fullilove v. Klutznick said that quotas might be acceptable if they avoided inflexible percentages based on race or ethnicity. Then, in United States v. Yoga to stretch back photos, Yoga to stretch back 2016.


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