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Yoga to strengthen legs for To redress the lack of female educators in higher education, the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission began to bring sex discrimination lawsuits targeting universities hundreds were eventually filed.

By minority and female enrollment and employment in higher education were growing rapidly. The Bakke Decision and Public Debate For its first years, affirmative action attracted relatively little public attention. That changed in when the Supreme Court agreed to hear the case of Regents of the University of California v.

Bakke. The suit was brought by Allan Bakke, a white man who had twice applied to, and been denied, entrance to the University of California, Davis, medical school. The school had adopted an affirmative action program that set aside a certain number of spots for minority candidates, and when Bakke found that less-qualified minority applicants had won admission over him, he sued on the basis of discrimination. Yoga to strengthen legs photos, Yoga to strengthen legs 2016.

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