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Yoga to stop snoring for Nixon’s Philadelphia Order was addressed to contractors and unions initially in Philadelphia and eventually nationwide that were engaged in federally funded construction projects. It provided clear goals and timetables for greater diversity, mandating percent minority union membership within five years. Nixon also established goals for the use of minority-owned businesses in federal contracting and instituted the country’s first use of set-asides in awarding government contracts. At the same time, the Nixon administration began to pursue affirmative action in higher education. Although lawsuits aimed at achieving equal access to education, like Brown v. Board of Education had been among the civil rights movement’s first successes, meaningful change had proved slow and difficult. Most universities ignored affirmative action requirements until when the president began to set goals and timetables similar to those in the Philadelphia Order that required universities to consider race and gender in admission procedures and financial aid awards. Yoga to stop snoring photos, Yoga to stop snoring 2016.

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