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Today most observers agree that 80-90 per cent of Western yoga students are women. There are millions and millions of them doing yoga and the trend is that yoga is rapidly going global. Modernist postural yoga culture has in a serious way met the mainstream mass culture of the West. Why was it adopted on such a massive scale? How did the yoga culture become a part of mainstream Western culture? How did this successful adaptation transform the yoga culture? How did the yoga popularisers – the trend setting interactors -manage all this?

This is what the beginning of this chapter sets out to explain. So it will leave behind the mainly elitist meditative styles of modernist yoga of pre-WW2 and instead focus on the postural yoga culture of the masses as it spread like wildfire among women across the West after WW2. Here we will first focus on how women transformed the yoga sign into a female body culture and then we will see how the counterculture linked this body culture with identity and spirituality. In the end we will see how these masses transformed the yogi into an entrepreneur thriving within a specific cultural field.

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