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Yoga to prevent diabetes for We are trying to attack these evils through our poverty program, through our education program, through our medical care and our other health programs, and a dozen more of the Great Society programs that are aimed at the root causes of this poverty. We will increase, and we will accelerate, and we will broaden this attack in years to come until this most enduring of foes finally yields to our unyielding will. But there is a second cause much more difficult to explain, more deeply grounded, more desperate in its force. It is the devastating heritage of long years of slavery and a century of oppression, hatred, and injustice. Special Nature of Negro Poverty For Negro poverty is not white poverty. Many of its causes and many of its cures are the same. But there are differences deep, corrosive, obstinate differences radiating painful roots into the community, and into the family, and the nature of the individual. Yoga to prevent diabetes photos, Yoga to prevent diabetes 2016.

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