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In the case of a malfunction, certain mechanisms of the computer can be affected and others not:

1. If the hard disk no longer functions, nothing works. If certain parts of the disk are damaged, some information is lost. There are individuals who can fix this type of problem without knowing how to program. These are the people, for example, who know how to replace a faulty disk with one that works.

2. In other cases, the computer works well, but a program does not. This requires either a reinstallation of the program or a modification of the lines (the logic) in one or more of the parts of the program by a programmer.

3. Finally, some problems are caused by the user. The user makes a spelling error, clicks on the wrong icon, has not read the manual, and so on. These problems resolve themselves by advising the user to read the manual and take a course.

These three cases can be related to one computer, but the mechanisms involved and the solutions are almost independent of one another. Some cases are more complex. One then needs to understand how these dimensions interact with each other (for example, when engineers design a computer). An interesting aspect for the psychophysiology of perception is the way that computer engineers take to transform information managed by electric circuits into information that a user can understand (by reading what appears on the screen) or activate (by hitting letters on the keyboard). This transformation, this reformatting of information, is notably possible because identical electrical information is transformed by several layers of programming languages. The routines that register the e❠that I hit on my keyboard are not the same that produce an e❠on my screen.

In the SDO, the program corresponds to the mind, the parts that make up the computer to my physiology, and the design to the organism

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