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Thus by for browsing the endless numbers of yoga websites and yoga blogs on the internet it becomes clear that yoga for many is a reservoir not only for the building up strength and the capacity to cope. Modernity to many also means a loss of cultural values (Tomlinson 1991) and personal meaninglessness (Giddens 1991). Previously religion, school, tradition, community, and family offered cultural values, meaning and ethics. This for many is no longer the case. Here modernist yoga discourse in combination with romanticism and New Age Spirituality often supplies the individual with such cultural guidance systems. They help yoga sympathisers to find an answer to the critical ethical question How shall we live?â. In this way the process has been reversed – the symbolic value of yoga equips some individuals with a cultural self-identity (Wikipedia link), which we could say is of significant use-value.

In summary the life under the so-called post-modern condition according to sociologists like Giddens and Bauman means that the individual is in a perpetual process of building up self-identity – continuously constructing, mastering, de-constructing and re-constructing new social identities and selves. This process of life politics’ (Giddens 1992) allows the individual to find meaning and cultural values in life. It is clear – as we witness on yoga websites and blogs – that yoga to many has become an essential part of this process of self-actualisation within post-modernity.

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