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Though without the body or senses, the I aham sees, hears, and smells. Though not an agent in the worldly sense, the I alone creates the different doctrines, the Siddhanta Agama texts, and logical reasoning. Yogaraja’s commentary on verses 47-50 As has been explained, the infinite modes of the Yoga Sakti, beginning with the group of five principal saktis-cit the power of consciousness, Snanda the power of bliss, and so on-constitute the wheel which is revolved by the Lord by way of his sport, resulting in the functions of creation and dissolution alternating and moving up and down like a Persian wheel. The Lord who operates this wheel as his sport manifests himself as the eternally sportive Lord, who is the I aham in all living creatures, the anithata nada primordial sound, which is in fact only a kind of self-experience on the part of the Lord in the form of the supreme I pUrnilhamM, never negated and always experienced as the supreme Self. This indicates that the ptirtitlhamtH the resting place for his Self is Siva, who is pure and therefore beyond conceptualisation.

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