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Yoga to loosen back for AIDS Coalition to Unleash Power ACT UP is an AIDS-activist organization founded in by American author and LGBT activist Larry Kramer. This protest organization shone a spotlight on the devastation of AIDS and the need for treatment and prevention efforts. The confrontational methods of ACT UP and its successes in demanding a say in how new treatments are investigated, approved, and funded revolutionized how disease advocates operate. Identifying the Cause The virus that would later be named HIV was discovered by Luc Montagnier and Fran oise Barr -Sinoussi at the Institut Pasteur in For this discovery they shared the Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine in with Harald zur Hausen, a German virologist who discovered the role of papilloma viruses in cervical cancer. The virus Montagnier and Barr -Sinoussi identified, which they called lymphadenopathy-associated virus LAV, was isolated from a lymph node taken from an AIDS patient. Robert Gallo and his laboratory at the U. Yoga to loosen back photos, Yoga to loosen back 2016.

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