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Yoga to life for Due to the magnitude of the damage to the natural environment, the oil spill was a pivotal event in focusing attention on corporate social responsibility and instigated a response by corporations, including the founding of the Coalition of Environmentally Responsible Economies Ceres, a group of investors and environmental groups. The group’s self-declared mission is to integrate sustainability into day-today business practices for the health of the planet and its people. Ceres also promotes long-term orientation and works to influence capital market practices to incorporate long-term environmental and social risks instead of merely relying on short-term returns. Corporate corruption, such as bribery, is another significantly harmful form of CSI. According to the World Bank, bribery has become a $ trillion industry. Corporate corruption refers to the misuse of an organizational position or authority for personal or organizational or subunit gain, where misuse in turn refers to departures from accepted societal norms. Typically, corporate corruption is directed at public officials and may take one of two forms according-to-rule or against-the-rule corruption. Yoga to life photos, Yoga to life 2016.

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