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Yoga to keep calm for Public health entities had great interest in identifying infected people to obtain accurate estimates of the epidemic in order to control its spread. But because a diagnosis of HIV infection often resulted in loss of personal relationships, health insurance, employment, or opportunities for education, among other things, testing without consent was unethical. The sociolegal history of AIDS has been one of balancing the interests of the public in controlling the epidemic with the individual’s right to liberty and privacy. As new treatments altered the course of the disease and public attitudes about people living with HIV began to change, reconciling these interests became more feasible. Antiretroviral Treatment and the Changing Face of the Pandemic The first antiretroviral drug to be approved was AZT zidovudine, in Other antiretroviral drugs followed. In there was documented transmission of AZT-resistant HIV, presenting another challenge to HIV treatment. Yoga to keep calm photos, Yoga to keep calm 2016.

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