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Lift your right leg up high in the air to transition to One Leg Downward-Facing Dog (17). Sink firmly in this pose before performing the Elevated Scorpion with your right leg (18) to transition to Wheel Pose (19). From Wheel Pose, perform a Threading Bridge (20-21), leading with your left arm up and over to transition to Quad Squat (22). From Quad Squat, perform a Threading Bridge, leading with your left leg to flow smoothly into a final Wheel Pose (23-24). Your last Threading Bridge (25-26) has you turning to your right as your left arm comes up and over to finish in a Quad Squat (27). Remain in Quad Squat for just a second, and then shift your weight onto your right hand as you bring your right foot to the side of your left foot. You will be facing to your left and be in what we call a Tripod Squat. Your knees are bent fully and your hips contact the back of your heels (28). Inhale to prepare for the transition to the Straight Leg Side Crane Pose (Parsva Bakasana). Exhale as you lift your hips up and allow space to bring your left elbow deep into the side of your right knee. The back of your left upper arm should be resting firmly into the pit of your right knee. Shift your hips to the right and allow your weight to be borne firmly through both arms. Straighten both knees out to finish in a strong, balanced pose (29). Your core should be activated fully and your shoulders are packed and strong. Bring your feet down to transition smoothly back to a Tripod Squat (30). From that Tripod Squat you will move deliberately back to a Quad Squat (31); however, do not pause here, simply continue the movement and engage in the opposite Tripod Squat supported by your left arm (32). Now you will engage in the Straight Leg Side Crane Pose toward the right side (33). Remember to bring your right elbow fully past the side of your left knee and have your right upper arm firmly in the left knee pit. This is essential to create the stable platform on which to place your legs. Exhale firmly as you shift your hips to the left and end in a nice hand balance. When ready, flow smoothly out of the Side Crane and back to Quad Squat (34-35) to conclude the Spider Monkey flow.

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