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Yoga to improve sleep for Pascal Parrot Getty Images Impact of the Pandemic People living with HIV have been stigmatized and discriminated against since the disease was first recognized. This is in part due to the stigma already associated with the initially identified high-risk groups homosexual and bisexual men, injection drug users, and prostitutes. Especially early in the epidemic, there was significant fear of HIV contagion among the general public and health-care workers. In addition to fear, many hold the moralistic view that those with HIV deserve their infection as some sort of divine punishment for risk behaviors seen as wrong. The stigma associated with groups at high risk of contracting HIV has been a barrier to the development of effective prevention strategies, since many governments do not commit the necessary resources to aiding these groups. Moreover, since injection drug use, prostitution, and, in some countries, homosexual sex are criminalized, people who engage in these behaviors are often reluctant to seek testing and treatment out of fear that they might be arrested. The AIDS pandemic has uncovered the need for social change and greater legal protections for vulnerable groups. Yoga to improve sleep photos, Yoga to improve sleep 2016.

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