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Yoga to feel good for Post World War II Era Globally, organized crime has diverse origins. In Latin America, weak governing institutions, widespread political corruption, enduring poverty, and the insatiable North American demand for illegal drugs led to the development of large-scale criminal organizations, most notoriously, in Colombia in the s and s and, in Mexico, in the s and s. In Colombia, civil war also contributed to the growth of organized crime, as syndicates formed alliances with rebel organizations, each providing protection and income-generating opportunities for the other. The collapse of communism across Eastern Europe and the Soviet Union in the late s and s also created the conditions for the development of widespread criminal organizations. Along with weak governing institutions in the wake of the collapse of communist party authority and widespread political corruption were opportunities presented by the widespread privatization of economic resources once owned and controlled by the state. A number of forces in the post World War II era have contributed to the spread of organized crime, at both the national and the transnational levels. Much of this growth has grown in parallel with the emergence of legitimate trade. Yoga to feel good photos, Yoga to feel good 2016.

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