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Yoga to fart for Civil wars open opportunities for illegal arms sales as well as the exploitation of resources, for example, in various countries in Africa where weapons have been sold in exchange for the exploitation by criminal gangs of valuable timber and mining resources. Failed states also create opportunities, even where little money is to be made, as they can offer sanctuary for organized crime groups. Weak, impoverished, and corrupt governments often choose to cooperate with organized crime, for fear of the consequences if they do not or because they will share in the earnings generated by organized crime groups. And finally, rebel and terrorist groups in various parts of the world, from Northern Ireland to Colombia to Africa, have either worked with organized crime groups or have turned to organized crime activities to generate the money needed to buy weapons or simply line their leaders pockets. Italian special police in the southern region of Calabria escort the suspected head of the Ndrangheta crime organization after a months-long crackdown in Ndrangheta was said to be more powerful than the Sicilian Mafia. Mario Tosti AFP Getty Images Impact The various effects that organized crime has on politics, societies, and economies are as diverse as the activities in which those groups engage. Yoga to fart photos, Yoga to fart 2016.

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