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This is very much a typical description of many roaming holy men. The Rajput- like some ascetic Sadhus – carried a battle axe, a trident and leather cloak and by the powers of his asceticism❠he defeated his foes.345

So social identities were very open categories which one could step into and out of depending on circumstances (Kolff 1990). This means that many people who started to roam as vagabonds to offer services – naukari – could assume the identities of monastic monks, or join their orders offering soldier services to feuding factions. So the boundaries between a holy ascetic man’ and a professional warrior’ were very fluid – if there was any difference at all. In this period most ascetics and warriors looked and behaved identically.

This indicates that the cultural fields of liberation and salvation had blurred boundaries. It was easy to get in and claim membership – who could tell the difference? It could easily be populated by social strata of similar social-identities: people not motivated by liberation and salvation at all.

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