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Animal studies have shown that neuroprotective compounds choline, piracetam, Mentat, antioxidants, silymarin bioflavonoid, and the flowers of Pueraria thunbergiana administered during pregnancy or in the postnatal period, if the mother is breat-feeding, can protect neonates from some of the neurological sequelae of maternal alcohol consumption Bhattacharya, 1994; Neese, La Grange, Trujillo, & Romero, 2004; Thomas, Garcia, Dominguez, & Riley, 2004. Mentat contains 24 Indian medicinal herbs including brahmi Bacopa and ashwaganda. In one study, Puerariae flos, the flower of Pueraria thunbergiana another name for Kudzu, significantly protected human neuroblastoma cells SK-NMC from ethanol-induced apoptosis and prevented increased capsase-3 mRNA expression Jang, Shin, Kim, Chung, Yim et al., 2001. Human studies are needed to translate these findings into clinical practice. FASD is a devastating lifelong condition for which there is no specific cure. Although CAM studies have not yet been reported in individuals with FASD, it is possible to apply treatments that have been beneficial in brain damage, ADHD, and learning disabilities to patients with FASD. Theoretically, any of the substances described for cognitive enhancement in this chapter and in Post 4 could be of help.

Based on similarities between FASD and other types of brain injuries, Dr. Richard Brown has treated adolescent and adult FASD patients in a county indigent rural mental health clinic to ameliorate cognitive and behavioral symptoms of the disorder. If cholinergic function in the hippocampus part of the limbic system involved in sensory processing and memory is disrupted due to traumatic brain injury, impairments in auditory sensory gating, inattention, and memory may develop Arciniegas, 2001. Noting that donepezil Aricept improves cholinergic function and hippocampal gating in military veterans with traumatic brain injury Silver, McAllistar, & Yudofsky, 2005, and considering that damage to the hippocampus and cholinergic function are prominent features of FASD, Dr. Brown administered donepezil to patients with FASD to improve cognitive function. He found that improvement could take at least three months and was manifested as a reduction in hyperactivity, better attention and impulse control, and greater capacity to engage in vocational rehabilitation. Donepezil may not be tolerated by preadolescent children who could become overstimulated. However, research on the use of milder cholinergic enhancers such as centrophenoxine, huperzine-A, and CDP-choline for children with FASD would be worthwhile

Weight Gain Many drugs, including SSRI antidepressants, mood stabilizers lithium and valproate, and antipsychotics cause insulin resistance leading to serious weight gain and increased risks for diabetes, hyperlipidemia, and cardiovascular disease. Patients often despair when they gain weight despite a careful diet and regular exercise. It is best to substitute a drug that is less likely to cause weight gain; for example, switching from valproate Depakote to oxcarbazepine Trileptal, lamotrigine Lamictal, aripiprazole Ability, or ziprasidone Geodon when clinically indicated. If no substitute can be found, then a frank discussion with the patient is needed to formulate a weight management plan with the following components: Monitoring weight, blood sugar, and lipid profile. Increased aerobic exercise with at least 20 minutes a day of brisk walking, biking, swimming, heavy gardening, or the equivalent. For some patients, 20 to 50 minutes/day will be needed. Carefully review the patient’s diet and refer to a dietician to make further adjustments. A structured weight loss program such as Weight Watchers.

Trials of medications and supplements that may help with weight control. Medications that may be used to help patients overcome weight gain secondary to medication include: Amantadine Symmetrel is a dopamine agonist, usually starting at 100 mg/day. Doses are slowly increased as tolerated up to 100 to 200 mg b.i.d. Side effects, particularly nausea, may limit the amount the patient can tolerate. Metformin Glucophage is an oral hypoglycemic agent that is generally safe and unlikely to cause hypoglycemia in nondiabetic patients. Zonisamide Zonegram and topiramate Topomax are both anticonvulsants that may induce weight loss.

Yoga to detox for It is impractical or impossible to maintain an accurate list of how much alcohol each variety contains, and using one blanket figure for beer or for wine or for whiskey does not properly account for the wide variations in the level of alcoholic content in those beverages. Because of these issues, and the need to improve what is known about alcohol use worldwide, WHO created the Global Alcohol Database GAD in The GAD is a vast collection of data collected by researchers, activists, and government organizations. It covers alcohol production and availability levels of consumption patterns of consumption harm and consequences economic aspects alcohol control policies and prevention, treatment, and drinking guidelines. It is the most comprehensive resource of its kind in existence. The WHO supplements the GAD each year with its Global Status Report on Alcohol and Health. Of course, good information is only a tool for anti-alcohol activists and not a solution. Yoga to detox photos, Yoga to detox 2016.

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