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Yoga to destress for Bates See also Drug Abuse. Documents Effects of Ardent Spirits Upon Man, Benjamin Rush, America during the colonial and early republic eras was awash in alcohol people drank copious quantities. There was a widespread belief that alcohol served medicinal ends, which, in an age of widely tainted drinking water, was often the case. While pointing out the many ill effects alcohol had on the body, one of the most persuasive of the early temperance advocates, the celebrated Philadelphia physician Benjamin Rush, argued that it also had a deleterious effect on morality and on society at large. In this excerpt from his tract, Effects of Ardent Spirits upon Man, Rush associated alcohol with a host of social ills, from crime to poverty. Not less destructive are the effects of ardent spirits upon the human mind. They impair the memory, debilitate the understanding, and pervert the moral faculties. Yoga to destress photos, Yoga to destress 2016.

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