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Yoga tips on I can see an apple on a tree, reach out, pick it and eat it; I can reason that if I can suspend a sheet of cloth above my boat the wind will push the cloth and the boat along; I can ask someone the way to someplace, follow their directions and arrive there. Each can also lead us into error. Not only are we susceptible to hallucinations caused by brain chemistry, even everyday situations can trigger inaccurate perceptions, e.g. psychologists have been conducting research into Looked but Failed to See accidents, where motorists did not see objects that were directly in their fields of vision.33 Perceptions, like other experiences, involve both bottom-up (coming from the senses) and top-down (coming from stored information) processes and can be influenced by both memories and imaginings. Perceptions tend to be selective and biased. Yoga tips 2016.

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