Yoga Tips to Beat Holiday Stress

Felt truly relaxed stress just melted away I went from a size 18 to a size 8 I stopped getting sick pain disappeared in yoga yoga for real people with real problems hello I’m Debra divine and that was my story smoking weight issues high cholesterol and high blood pressure were all negatively affecting my heart health let yoga be your secret weapon to calm your heart reset your nervous system and soothe your mind for many of us the holiday season is very stressful financial strain social engagements and sadness can play a factor here are some great tips that will help you manage stress. So you can enjoy the holidays let’s begin with sun breaths we’re gonna step into the middle of the mat. And we’ll take our legs and feet apart maybe a little bit wider than hips.

So we can really have a good sense of a foundation and balance then with that foundation in place we take the hands in front of the heart center Sun breaths inhaling out and up with the arms at the top of the inhalation the fingers touch. And we exhale hands to heart inhaling exhaling completely feel the belly come to the front spine this is a wonderful way to warm up the arms and warm up the heart when we’re working with heart health in our yoga practice we’re really dealing with the fourth chakra the heart chakra we’re opening up space we’re getting things limbered up and warmed up across the whole chest the shoulders hands to now we’re going to be moving into half Sun salutes. So we can keep the legs wide, if you feel that your balance might be compromised or you can take your stance a little bit closer together, if you can come a little bit closer together we bring the hands to heart center. And then we inhale strong legs pressing down through the heels. And then we exhale bending the knees taking the sit bones back keeping that inner spiral. And then we inhale halfway lift exhale forward fold bend the knees as you come up energizing the legs.

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And then exhale hands to heart inhale exhale inhale halfway lift exhale forward fold inhale all the way back up exhale hands to heart wonderful now we’re going to be moving into Vitruvian arm variations. So we take the legs a little bit wider again energize the legs and create that firm foundation lift the ribs off of the pelvis draw the sit bones down engage the whole pelvic girdle as well feel really strong in the bottom part of the body. So that we can really work with opening up and lifting the top part let’s inhale the arms up about a third of the way. And then we’ll exhale turn the arms over palms facing up. And then well inhale turn the arms over again another third of the way up exhale rotate the upper arms. And then another in-breath comes along turn the arms down lift. And then exhale hands open up to the sky.

And then we’re gonna let the arms come down. And we’ll try that again inhaling about a third of the way up exhaling turning the arms over inhale turn the arms down again coming up rotating on the exhalation using arms in a strong way in our yoga practice is a really wonderful way to cultivate heart health when we lift our arms for a longer period of time it’s quite a bit of a workout we are opening up energy blogs across the fourth chakra we’re opening up energy blogs across the arms the chest the upper back as well opening up blood vessels lymphatic vessels it’s a very healthy practice to really use the arms in our yoga practice inhale the arms all the way up. And then exhale all the way down again now we’re going to take some time to rest the brain with forward folds forward folds are wonderful ways to prevent headaches in the first place. But it’s also a wonderful way to manage the pain that you might be dealing with, if you have a headache or migraine we take two folding chairs. And we take a bolster or a firm blanket rolled up and we’re gonna create a bridge between these two chairs and a nice support for the forehead. So we take a long slow smooth in-breath lifting everything on the front line of the body and a long slow smooth out breath we fall forward and rest. So this movement is happening from the femurs from the top of the leg bones everything is moving back the sit bones are moving back we’re creating this wonderful length and traction for the spine the arms are resting away you can see that there’s this broadening of the collarbones. So the whole body is resting here supported by the bolster having some compression on the belly is very soothing. And it just is a wonderful feeling of activating the relaxation response resting the forehead is also an excellent practice for preventing headaches and for managing the pain of headaches there’s a way of working with the breath to bring more oxygen into the ribs moving the ribs out and up. And then exhaling. And just allowing the mind to settle allowing the mind to rest and clearing out all of the old thoughts all of the old ideas. And just having a sense of quiet and peace we can cultivate that at the end of the out-breath Anita is doing another variation of Child’s Pose here she is resting her forehead on a bolster you can do this at a table you could be doing this with a chair and both of these variations are excellent, if you’re not using a chair child’s pose or a prayer pose is also a wonderful option taking the knees apart heels together reaching forward extending the spine and letting the forehead rest long slow smooth in breaths and long slow smooth out work let’s come up either to a wall or a chair.

And we’ll take our legs up and inversion, if you’d like to support your pelvis with a bolster that can be really wonderful and very nice for the low back we take the legs up. And we begin to circle the ankles. And we spread the toes now let’s bring the soles of the feet together let the knees splay apart. And we can rock the pelvis back and forth just releasing any last tension and gripping in the hips we could also butterfly the legs v32 karani is a wonderful pose to end the day this is Darius favorite pose before she goes to bed. And it’s so effective it really helps us turn off the fight flight aspect of the nervous system and turn on the rest and digest aspects another wonderful practice is to use sandbags so when we use sandbags or rice bags in this case we just place it on the lower belly and that helps us really ground the pelvis gives us a wonderful sensation of being able to completely surrender into the floor using an eye bag is also an excellent way to help calm and cool the brain we don’t want to put the eye bag directly on the eyeballs. But we just rest it on the brow bone. And the forehead that is a wonderful way to experience shav Asana the tranquility pose now let the shoulder blades rest on the ground feel the pelvis completely surrendered. And we’ll take a long slow smooth and breath into the feet. And the legs breathing in light and spaciousness and exhaling tension exhaling holding another long slow smooth and breath into the back the spine breathing in light and spaciousness and exhaling tension exhaling holding another long slow smooth and breath into the belly into the heart into the lungs. And the arms breathing in light and spaciousness exhaling tension exhaling holding take a long slow smooth in-breath into the neck into the whole face the eyes. And the brain breathing in light and spaciousness and exhaling tension exhaling holding left eyebrow moves to the left the right eyebrow moves to the right. And the forehead moves back to the crown we feel the front brain sink toward the back brain. And we surrender completely take a long slow smooth in-breath into the neck into the whole face the ice. And the brain breathing in light and spaciousness and exhaling tension exhaling holding thanks for reading be sure to subscribe to the blog and stay up to date on all the latest posts and let me know in the comments section below what other kind of posts you’d like to see.

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