Yoga Tips to Beat Holiday Depression

Felt truly relaxed stress just melted away I went from a size 18 to a size 8 I stopped getting sick pain disappeared I learned to open my heart and I felt Yoga Yoga for real people with real problems hello I’m Deborah Devine welcome to healing problems that was me in the opening post I had lots of real problems before finding gentle yoga and my unhealthy lifestyle was getting me down I was starting to experience frequent depression and Zoomers are equally at risk for depression as everyone. And the older we get the harder it can be to come out of the isolation of this condition let yoga be your secret weapon to calm your heart reset your nervous system and soothe your mind the holidays are supposed to be the most wonderful time of the year. But for many of us it can lead to depression loneliness absence of loved ones. And the changing of seasons can play a factor on your daily well-being here are some free yogurt IPPs that will help improve circulation energize and uplift your mood we’re gonna come into the warmup Pose Tad Asana the Mountain Pose so coming into the center of the mat heels out toes in coming back onto the heels and feeling the upper legs really strengthening we’re allowing the in-breath to come up the front line of the body lifting everything in its path. And then exhaling down the back line grounding the sit bones down the heels down next time an in-breath comes along we’ll take the arms out and up reaching lifting the ribs off of the pelvis exhaling hands to heart inhaling and lifting or harvesting oxygen up here prana exhaling deep into the heart space another in-breath lifting and reaching up spreading the fingers nice and wide exhaling hands to heart we’re moving our energy up towards the arms up towards the heart let’s come in another long slow smooth in-breath.

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And then at the top of the in-breath we’ll just pause for a moment. And then we’ll exhale moving over to the left creating space between the bottom of the ribs. And the top of the hips on the right side coming back to Center on the inhalation. And then exhaling on to the opposite side pressing down with the left foot opening up through the left side coming back on the in-breath going over to the right side or the left side opening up the sides opening up the diaphragm we’ve got to get some breath deep into the bottom of the lungs let’s keep going a few more rounds just taking it to a place where you can experience a nice feeling of a stretch coming back to Center hands come to heart space do a few more Sun breaths inhaling and reaching up feel how much more light it feels to reach exhaling hands to heart space press the palms together move the shoulders away from each other inhaling moving the arms out and up in these Sun breaths it’s a wonderful way to take us out of the thinking mind and bring us into this idea of moving outwards expanding when we’re in a depressed state we want to come into a cocoon and using our arms to open up the heart chakra we’re starting to get more breath we’re starting to open up the heart center we’re starting to feel a little bit more alive.

And a little bit more connected to the outside world we’re gonna be coming down into cow and cat. So we’re on all fours and Jennifer is going to protect her knees with a blanket or a rolled-up towel would be wonderful for you as well. So the palms are wide on the mat fingertips touching the outside edge. And the knees and feet. And the hips are in the same plane we’re gonna take an exhalation and tuck the sit bones and tailbone underneath dropping the head looking through to the feet inhaling tailbone to sit bones come up. And we drop the spine opening the heart and moving the gaze up exhaling coming back into this arched Halloween cat. And then into our sacred cow moving into the in-breath now the next time an out breath comes along we’re just going to wait for a moment pressing the belly up to the front spine. And then the next time an out breath comes along we’ll take the left leg back take a few moments here, if you need to get a little bit more stable in the pose here, if you feel ambitious maybe you could take your right arm out and create this wonderful balance we’re taking a long slow smooth in-breath and a long slow smooth out breath the back leg is getting a bit of an inner rotation creating some space in the SI joint. And the front arm this right arm is rotating externally this is expanding us from the heart center through the belly out through the fingertips. And the toes let’s come back to cows and cats we’ll take one cow one cat. And then we’ll extend the opposite leg reaching the opposite leg out pressing through the heel giving the leg a bit of an inner spiral this is a wonderful way to get some length deep underneath the belly muscles the belly organs the so as that muscle that activates when we’re engaging the fight/flight aspect of the nervous system reach the arm out the left arm comes out draw the shoulder blade down the back rotate the upper arm externally spread the fingers nice and wide left the out press be complete feel the belly come to the front spine squeeze the glutes and reach now we’ll come back to Center sit bones come down belly comes up to the front spine broaden through the collar bones and press down through the base of the index finger now we’re going to be coming into shalabh Asana the locust pose we come down onto the belly. And we go to the upper leg bones we rotate the upper leg bones in release. So the knees point in the feet point in and we’re up here on our elbows and we’ve got a little bit of a back bend we’re just going to use this opportunity to create some space in the low back. So we bring the bottom of the ribs away from the hips.

And then we rest down we rest our heart down the arms can come out to the sides or down to the outside of the thighs the palms are facing in now we’re going to go to the pubic bone. And the hip points. And we’ll press down then we go to the top of the hamstrings where they’ve reached the sit bones. And we press down. And then the next in-breath that comes along we’re going to inhale the legs maybe one at a time see how it goes, if you find yourself in the pain zone come back, if both feet are coming up fantastic spread the toes wide apart you can continue to lift the heart lift the chest pressing down with the gluts pressing down with the pubic bone. And the hip points bring the shoulder blades down the back open the collarbones spread the fingers nice and wide. And then cross the arms release the temple down on to the stacked arms and take a few breaths shalabh Asana is a wonderful pose again getting those pair of spinals the muscles on either side of the spine everything is contracting and strengthening and building tone on the back line of the body all the way from the heels up to the very top of the spine. And the neck. And now we’re gonna be coming in for a soft landing a wonderful soothing shav Asana we’re gonna be going into soup to baddha kon Asana using some supports we’re going to use a rectangular bolster you could use a folded blanket or towel, if you like. And it’s gonna come right up to the hindquarters protecting the low back a blanket is going to be used to support the head. And the neck. And then you can bend your knees. And we’ll place a round bolster again you could also use a towel or rolled up blanket at home the hands come on to either side of your hips. And you begin to come down behind you very slowly lengthening your spine, if there’s any pin genus in the low back you simply move your hips away from the bottom of the ribs now you can take the soles of your feet together and let your knees display a part. And we rest the legs this is going to help release the psoas muscles with this beautiful resting pose here the upper arms are rotating externally. And the palms are facing up to the sky we go to any areas of the body that are still feeling a little bit tender. And we take a long slow smooth in and out breath now bring awareness down to the feet. And the legs take a long slow smooth in-breath into the feet. And the legs all of the muscles the bones the tendons breathing in light and spaciousness exhaling tension exhaling holding long slow smooth in breath into the belly into the heart. And the lungs. And the arms the hands breathing in light and spaciousness exhaling tension exhaling holding long slow smooth in-breath into the neck the face the eyes. And the brain breathing in light and spaciousness and exhaling tension exhaling holding now we take a long slow smooth in-breath into the entire body breathing in light and spaciousness and exhaling the last remnants of tension. And the last remnants of holding thanks for reading be sure to subscribe to the blog and stay up to date on all the latest posts and let me know in the comments section below what other kind of posts you’d like to see.

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