Yoga Tips to Beat Holiday Anxiety

Felt truly relaxed stress just melted away I went from a size 18 to a size 8 I stopped getting sick pain disappeared I learned to open my heart and I felt healingyoga Yoga for real people with real God that was my story real problems solved by gentle yoga one big issue the workaholic life created was a constant state of anxiety tight chest racing mind shallow breathing let yoga be your secret weapon to calm your heart reset your nervous system and soothe your mind for many of us the holiday season is very stressful financial strain social engagements and sadness can play a factor here are some great tips that will help you manage stress. So you can enjoy the holidays. So we’re going to come into a warm up pose tree pose Rick Shah sana. So we take the left foot. And we spread the toes out nice and wide this is the pose that’s going to help us focus all of our attention when we’re feeling anxious we’ve got a lot of energy out here and we’re going to bring all of that energy inside of ourselves with this active warm up we’re going to take the right leg and turn the toes out turn the knee out.

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And we’ll just rest here for a moment now we’ll draw awareness to the ball of the big toe on the left foot. And the ball of the baby toe on the left foot. And the heel on the left foot. And just imagine that tap roots are growing out of those points in the foot down 10 20 30 40 50 feet. So we’re really connected to the earth everybody’s roots are interconnected it’s like rebar so when we begin to lift the leg up we’re going to feel very secure. And then begin to draw the foot up rest your toe pads on the ground and press your heel against the ankle of the grounded leg bring your foot up to. But calf height maybe the knee. But we don’t want to jam into the knee here, if you’re very flexible in your hip maybe you bring your foot all the way up into the groin. And then we’re going to press the leg into the foot. And the foot into the lake in a very gentle way at the same time that we’re pressing down and engaging the leg muscle here of the rounded leg. So we’re going to take a couple of long slow smooth and complete in and out breaths allowing this energy to come up the grounded leg and loop around the bent knee so after a couple of runs around this loop it’s like a particle accelerator we’ve got all of this energy that’s been looping around. And then it comes up the front of the spine we grow up branches maybe the branches are low, if you’ve got heart things going on just keep your arms low you could also be reaching your arms up and out or bringing your hands together maybe the elbows would like to bend bring the shoulder blades down the back squeeze them together as you squeeze the leg into the foot. And the foot into the leg drop the bent knee side of the hip and squeeze in the long leg side of the hip. And then inhaling feeling your branches bursting open with leaves flowers fruit.

And then come back down and here we are in Tad Asana now notice the difference between the right. And the left sides. And then we’ll firm up the right side coming into this idea this concept of tap roots going down really deep. And you know, if you’ve got some balance issues just hold on to a chair hold on to the kitchen counter maybe a wall will be helpful for you. And then pressing the foot into the leg. And the leg into the foot pressing down with the feet now just notice your breaths take your breaths deep into the low belly the breath is what saves us when we’re experiencing symptoms of anxiety we follow the breath we see where it’s breathing into the body we create spaciousness and openness in the is that are feeling very tense and we’re dropping tension and gripping on the out-breath let your heart open as your shoulder blades come back and down lifting the arms up feeling your branches bursting with life leaves blossoms flowers and fruit. And then coming back to Tad Asana well this next series of poses is going to be wonderful for calming the nervous system for getting us out of this thinking this repetitive thinking this ruminating we’re just going to be coming into the breath coming into crocodile pose now you can just lie down on your belly and cross your arms and rest your forehead on your arms or we could use bolster to help us support. So let’s go into that pose now we’re going to take the knees either side of this bolster. And then the sternum is going to come to the top of the yoga bolster. So just where the ribs come together and rest the forehead down. So we’re getting this wonderful compression of the belly we’re starting to find new territory in the lungs to bring oxygen into the system you may be feeling like your adrenal glands have been active for a long time maybe there’s a sense of tiredness a sense of fatigue back here in the kidney areas the adrenal glands live right on top of the kidneys. And when we’re dealing with anxiety the adrenals are going. So this is a wonderful pose when we bring breath and awareness deep into the lower part of the back where the ribs come down towards the waist we take a long slow smooth in breath breathing in light and spaciousness. And then a long slow smooth and complete out-breath dropping tension dropping gripping down into the ground.

And then we’re going to take one of our legs we’re going into a modified version of bow pose. So we bend the knee and, if you don’t have the flexibility in the front of the hip that is what we use the belt for and we’d like to get a little bit of an inward spiral going on here. So we’re creating a little bit more room in the SI joint and we’re just going to release through the front of the hip we take a long slow smooth in breath and a long slow smooth and complete out breath. And then we release. And we let go. And come on to the opposite side so bending the opposite knee taking the belt in the opposite hand in giving the leg a bit of an inner spiral again to create a little bit more space in the SI joint we’re also getting some tension out of the glutes. And when we’re in an anxious state we have a lot of tension deep in the pelvis in the hip rotators let the in and out breath expand and lengthen through the front of the hip you may even want to squeeze the glute and resist the foot against the belt. And the belt against the foot may be engaging dorsiflexion heel strong toes spread wide apart yes releasing when the psoas muscles are tight as they always are when we’re dealing with anxiety then the muscles of the diaphragm also typed the roots of the diaphragm are also tight so when we release the so as we release the diaphragm all of a sudden our breasts become longer our breasts become more satisfying and we’re getting out of this idea of breathing up into the upper collarbones and breathing down into the lower part of the belly down into the lower part of the back now we’re going to warm down. And come into a supported legs position you can take your head onto the blanket and using a rolled up towel rolled up blanket or yoga bolster will just support the knees will support the knees you can let the legs come long and by using the blanket to create a little bit of a cocoon we just take a moment to snug the blanket up across the forehead maybe onto the brow bone and around the ears. So we’re creating this wonderful safe space. So that we can withdraw from all of the thoughts that we’ve been creating we’re going to be taking a breath practice that is very effective for anxiety bellomo to what we do in V Loma too is we take a long slow smooth in breath filling up the lungs pausing at the top of the in breath. And then exhaling the bottom part of the lungs to about a third of the way. And we pause. And then we exhale the middle part of the lungs. And we pause. And then we exhale the top of the lungs. And we get all of the breath out of the lungs. And we pause in that emptiness.

And then the in breath comes. And it feels fantastic. So let’s begin we’ll take a long slow smooth in breath filling up from the bottom to the top of the lungs pausing at the top for just a moment. And then exhale exhale bottom part of the lungs and pause exhale exhale middle part of the lungs and pause. And then exhale exhale exhale all of the air out of the lungs pausing in that emptiness and stillness. And then let the in-breath come just see the effect that breath had on you now, if you want to take your tranquility pose a little bit deeper you could take these eye bags and place one on each wrist maybe on the heel of the palm would feel good you could take a sock fill it up with rice or beans or lavender and that would help you feel more grounded help you feel like you could surrender a little bit more to the earth resting thanks for reading be sure to subscribe to the blog and stay up to date on all the latest posts and let me know in the comments section below what kind of posts you’d like to see.

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