Yoga Tips for Eating Disorders

Gentle yoga let yoga be your secret weapon to maintaining healthy eating practices join me in doing these healing yoga tips for eating disorders week that helped me deal with these challenges these effective practices helped soothe the nervous system and strengthen and heal the heart mind body and soul now we’re gonna move into an inversion V pre to karani the waterfall pose we come down onto the ground and using our arms we come on to the back, if you’d like to elevate your pelvis by taking the bolster or taking a rolled-up blanket or towel underneath the pelvis that will be a really effective way to take the pose we let ourselves surrender here. And then one leg comes up.

And then another leg comes up. And then we circle the ankles a few times. And then the soles of the feet come together. And then we can butterfly the legs in a very gentle way we’re creating a lot of space in the hip sockets we’re starting to release a lot of tension that has been residing in the legs all day this is a wonderful pose to take we’re activating the vagus nerve which governs the parasympathetic aspect of the nervous system the rest and digestive aspects of the nervous system we take a few breaths deep into the hip sockets deep into the hip creases we hold a lot of tension especially, if we’re sitting at a desk or we’re doing a lot of driving there’s an enormous amount of tension in the hips that can create a lot of tension in the mind completing the out-breath and pausing before you allow the in-breath to come in can really help settle the mind please enjoy any variation of me Purita karani that feels good for you. So we’ll take our feet wider apart on the mat heels out toes in. And then we’re going to bend the knees take the sit bones back maybe put the hands on the knees and gently lower down maybe the elbows come on the knees now, if you’re flexible and you’d like to take the floor wonderful, if not just keep your elbows on the knees we’ll take a long slow smooth in-breath and a long slow smooth out breath and begin to lengthen one leg at a time the right leg is long. And then the left leg goes long we go back and forth maybe moving the hips from side to side we’re letting the out breast be complete and we’re feeling the belly come to the front spine we’re lengthening out the hamstring.

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So that we can release tension out of the hips and out of the spine let the upper leg bones rotate inwardly and let the pelvis come up and over allowing the spine to pour out of the pelvis and relaxing all of the muscles of the spine, if you feel ambitious you could be taking your hands behind your back you could use a belt as well. And then we rotate the upper arm bones externally broadening through the collar bones and lifting the elbows. And the hands up long slow smooth and complete in-and-out breaths here long slow smooth and complete out breaths then hands come on to the hips we bend the knees. And we strengthen all the muscles of the back. And we inhale rise up slowly. And then we’re going to heel toe the feet into the midline. And then we’ll just turn for utan Asana routine Asana is the same idea it’s a standing forward fold. And we’ll be taking a few variations to get deeper into the hips and releasing a lot of tension. So we can relax we bend the knees take the sit bones back let the pelvis come up and over the femurs let the belly rest on the thighs. And then we’ll bring the hands down will ground through the right foot lifting left foot comes down pumping that grounded leg a few times. And just feeling what’s going on with the hamstrings keep the knee bent and let the hamstring be safe now we’re going to let the fingers do the walking we’re walking over to the right and allowing the pelvis to come up and over and around the head of the femur long slow smooth in-breath and a long slow smooth out breath will take us back to Center maybe we’ll pump that grounded leg a few times.

And then we’ll walk the fingers in the opposite direction we’re twisting all of the deep muscles in the pelvis in the hips and wringing out long held tension here coming back to Center switching sides left foot comes down now just come to an awareness of what’s going on with the right. And the left hip we moved an enormous amount of energy out of the right hip just compare that to what’s going on in the left hip ground through the ball of the big toe. And the heel. And the ball of the baby toe on the left side lifting the right leg let the fingers do the walking over here come over to the baby toe side of the foot bringing the pelvis around the head of the femur. And then coming back to Center maybe pumping that grounded leg a few times. And then walking over to the opposite side having that sense that the femur is stable the pelvis is coming around the femur accommodating the femur the femur is what’s grounding us it’s the anchor of the pose here. And then we’ll come back to Center dropping both legs. And then inhaling halfway lift lengthening the spine drawing the shoulder blades down exhaling forward fold hands on hips energize the legs keep the spine nice and strong an inhale slowly and exhale arms come out to the sides side lying over a bolster we come down onto the ground and, if you have a yoga bolster wonderful a rolled up towel or blanket will do as well we take our hip up to the long edge of the bolster. And then we keep the bottom knee bent as we drape ourselves over you can move your hip away from the side of the bolster and let your head rest on your upper arm we’re going to open up the front of the throat here we’ll just take the arm back a little bit and let the head come back and rest on the upper arm the chin can open up. So that we get a little bit more space in the base of the throat top leg comes long and top arm comes up and over. And we hold on to the top arm with the bottom hand now long slow smooth in breaths and long slow smooth and complete out breaths let the leg move away from the hip let the hip move away from the bottom of the ribs feel all of this space building up in between the bottom of the ribs in the top of the hips we’re creating all kinds of space in the third chakra this is the energy center that’s responsible for heat. So we’re using the breast to calm and cool the fires of the body long slow smooth and complete out breaths pausing at the end of the out breath is very cooling and very helpful press the heel away and really stretch through the fingers open up the ribs feel the muscles between the ribs expanding let the outbursts be complete feel the belly come to the front spine pause for a moment in that beautiful peaceful place.

And then allow the in-breath to come in and expand now we’ll come back up to Center using the upper body strength. And just give yourself a moment to compare how the sides feel please remember to do the opposite side of this pose. But right now we’re gonna be moving on to our next pose now we’re going to come to seated. And we’ll take a breath practice that’s a very effective for cultivating balance so when we come on to the chair we sit close to the edge of the seat we take our sit bones. And we try to clear the deck. So that the sit bones can make contact with our chair move the buttock flesh back and out of the way when we sit on the front of the sit bones the low back. And the upper back come into alignment. So we can support all of our muscles and all of our organs your hands can be resting on your thighs and we’re going to be moving into this breath practice called nadi shodhana the alternate nostril breath. So there are a couple of different variations it’s not really important to have the exact hand formation. But I am going to show that to you take the index finger in take the middle finger in take the pinky finger on to the ring finger. And then this becomes sort of lobster claws here. So we’re gonna take the ring finger. And the thumb. And the pads of those are going to rest just at the bottom part of the bridge of the nose right where the nostrils start to move out we’re pressing into the ring finger and allowing the out-breath to come through the right nostril then the in-breath comes through the right nostril. And we switch over. So the thumb is going to press into the nostril. And the ring finger is lifting up. So we’re exhaling on this side now inhaling.

And then we’re gonna switch over exhaling inhaling and switching over exhale inhale and switch over when we engage in Nadi Shodhan of the alternate nostril breath we are balancing the left hemisphere. And the right hemisphere of the mind we can cultivate a sense of awareness on both sides of the body and there are a lot of people that experience a wonderful sense of rebalancing after they complete several rounds of alternate nostril breath, if you’re feeling like one of your nostrils is blocked or, if having trouble breathing through your nose you can imagine that the breaths are coming through the nostrils. But just breathe through the mouth close your eyes. And come into an awareness of what’s going on deep inside the diaphragm lungs sinuses please continue to enjoy naadi shodhan uh for the next few moments thanks for reading be sure to subscribe to the blog and stay up to date on all the latest posts and let me know in the comments section below what other kind of posts you’d like to see.

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