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For years I thrived in the high-pressure and I went to a gentle yoga class I felt truly relaxed stress just melted away I went from a size 18 to a size 8 I started on stick pain disappeared I learned to open my heart and I felt healingyoga yoga for real people with real problems hello I’m Deborah divine and that was the story of my stressful life my adrenal glands were shot and I was becoming chronically fatigued. But then I found gentle yoga now let yoga help you to celebrate Earth Hour with these healingyoga tips that will help you feel grounded safe and supported and fully rested to unplug and wind down with these wonderful restorative practices let’s move into Child’s Pose now we’ll come on to all fours. And we’ll use a bolster to help us support the forehead now we’re going to take the sit bones nice and high let’s move the feet. And the knees wider apart. And then taking two sit bones leaving them high let the forehead come and rest on the short edge of the bolster now you can let the arms come forward and rest your forearms. And your elbows here and take a few breaths long slow smooth and breasts lengthening the whole spine and long slow smooth and complete out rest allowing the forehead to settle on the edge of the bolster spending time resting our forehead on something is a very soothing practice, if you can do this every day you’ll really notice a huge difference we’re going to move the sit bones up and let the pelvis pour the spine out we’re lengthening despite making more room for the nerves.

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And the nerves are an extension of the brain when we feel tired in the mind we could also feel tired throughout the whole body as well we’re definitely going to be getting some twists in right now. But first open Easter kon Asana a seated forward fold it would be nice to lift the pelvis. So we’re going to sit on a blanket we’re using the blanket to lift the hips to help the spine move in its natural curve we take the sit bones. And we move them back. And then the legs come out we don’t have to come out very far just come out to the most comfortable place for your legs today we go to the legs. And we internally rotate the upper legs that we can feel more grounded through the sit bones take the feet engage dorsiflexion feel strong toes spread wide apart. And I’m just very gently hug muscle to bone the leg muscles here are starting to squeeze and press down when we engage the legs and press down we’re moving old energy down into the ground and we’re making space and room for fresh energy and fresh vitality to come in press down with the legs energize inhale lift exhale draw the heart forward we don’t have to go too far we just go to the point between comfort and discomfort we’re trying to lengthen the backs of the legs and lengthen the front of the spine just let the out-breath be complete feel the belly come to the front spine pause for a moment.

And then feel that beautiful in Breathitt comes like an old friend feel so nourishing we’re going to take some side bends left hand onto the side press down with the fingers and open up the ribs go as far as you feel comfortable. But keep both sit bones resting on the ground long slow smooth in breaths long slow smooth and complete out breath spread the fingers nice and wide draw the shoulder blade down the back. And then we’re going to turn the head and look up into the crease of the inner elbow then we take the head back down again letting the arm come down and resting pressing down with the fingertips inhale left arm comes up. And we just chilled over bending here through the side energize the arm spread the fingers nice and wide turn the head and look up into the inner elbow long slow smooth in breath long slow smooth and complete out breaths let the arm come back down we come off of the blanket. And we bring out the bolster. And the bolster is going to be used to support our shins and our caps. So It’s down here close to the bottom part of the mat on the outside of the mat we come on to our back use the elbows. And the arms to help us get down. And then bring the shoulder blades down the back one knee comes up then the other knee comes up. And then we roll the knees over to the side where the bolster is take the arms out into a tea and surrender completely and let yourself rest here long slow smooth in rest on the front of the spine lengthening long slow smooth and complete out breaths these twists are very soothing on the nervous system very comforting for the low back. And also really wonderful for the belly organs we’re ringing out of energy grounding it and making space for new fresh prana to come in now one leg comes back up to Center other leg comes back up to Center. And then we place the feet on the ground take the bolster and swing it over to the opposite side one leg comes up other leg comes up.

And then we roll over onto the opposite hip supporting the bottom of the legs the knees the shins and calves. And you can take your gaze over to the opposite side of your knees to complete the twist up into the neck long slow smooth in breath really filling up the lungs especially the back bottom part of the lungs close to the waist long slow smooth and complete out breaths pausing at the end of the complete out-breath feeling the belly come to the front spine we’re massaging all of the belly organs when we do this long slow smooth in-breath long slow smooth and complete out breath let’s go to our next pose press areata padottan Asana wide-legged standing forward fold this is a wonderful way for us to get prana and oxygen and life force and vitality into the face we’re going upside down inversions are an excellent excellent way to create a youthful glow now the heels are out the toes are in. And we got a nice wide stance we bend the knees. And we take the sit bones back we let the pelvis come up and over the heads of the femurs take your hands down to your needs of your low back is a little bit weak or, if you’re experiencing tightness in the hamstrings remember to be kind and to stay in the comfort / discomfort zone, if you’d like to bring your hands down to the floor let your head hang long slow smooth in breath long slow smooth out breath find out what’s going on with the hamstrings let yourself take a long slow smooth in breath and lengthen the spine come up halfway broaden the collarbones.

And then exhale completely and surrender we’re moving a lot of blood and lymph into the face come on up inhaling halfway lift spread the shoulder blades spread the collarbones exhale come dance an do one more time exhale forward fold wonderful we’re going to come down into elevated leg shav Asana for rosemary we’ve got four bolsters that are going to really elevate her legs quite nicely and Karen and I are just going to use a round bolster to support our knees and give a little bit of space into the low back you’d have blanket or towel handy you could use that as your support as well, if the low back is pinche at any time just move the hips away from the ribs let the upper legs rotate inwardly the heels are moving out the toes are moving in the knees are moving in as well. And then we let them go this is creating a little bit more room in the SI joints take your shoulder blades down the back and in behind the heart let the arms come away from the sides of the ribs. So that the ribs can move freely as we work with the breath feel yourself surrendered to the ground take a few breaths and sense that feeling of getting wider and flatter with every out breath then we take a long slow smooth and breath into the feet into the legs breathing in light and spaciousness and exhaling tension now bring awareness to the left side of the belly just behind the stomach spleen it’s a very large organ that’s an accessory organ to the immune system in a lymphatic system in fact it acts like a very large lymph node blood is coming in here and being cleansed lymph is coming through here and being purified bring your awareness here to the left side of the belly and take a long slow smooth and complete in rep pausing at the top of the in breath. And then exhaling take another long slow smooth and wrap into the spleen breathing in light and spaciousness thanks for reading be sure to subscribe to the blog and stay up to date on all the latest posts and let me know in the comments section below what other kind of posts you’d like to see.

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