Yoga Tips for Colds and Bronchitis

I’m sharing a very simple yoga sequence to help prevent colds and bronchitis let yoga be your secret weapon to calm your heart reset your nervous system and soothe your mind holiday stress can contribute to getting colds and bronchitis. But yoga can be your remedy to help you recover and feel better these amazing yoga solutions help clear out the respiratory system move the toxins out and soothe those aching muscles let’s now come down onto the ground or seated in a chair for nasal irrigation with a spoon and kapalabhati we are using salt water to irrigate our sinuses many of us have heard about neti pot and that is a very effective way to keep our siteís passages clean and clear and using another technique just some salt in water lukewarm or a little bit warmer water a small spoon here and breathing the water up into one nostril tilting the head back and allowing that water to come down the back wall of the sinuses. And then do the other nostril, if you do several rounds of this type of nasal irrigation you are going to take out a lot of waste products and and foreign objects that have been launched in the sinuses for a long time when we are in cold season especially in the winter time things get really dry we get dehydrated. And the walls of our sinuses can actually get cracked and that might be where some of our foreign invaders might be coming in and lodging themselves so using nasal irrigation as a daily practice to keep our sinus passages clean and clear is a wonderful way to keep poles and bronchitis at bay now kapalabhati is a wonderful follow-up practice to irrigating our nasal passages.

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And it’s a very simple technique we are going to exhale firmly. And this idea of moving the stomach back toward the front spine is gonna create this wonderful wave of air coming out of the nostrils let me demonstrate for you of course you’ll want to keep a Kleenex close at hand. And we do several rounds we’ll try five breaths maybe we’ll try ten breaths, if you can get up to twenty five breaths you can get a lot of heat going here and that is wonderful for also helping our immune system 80% of our immune system is in the guts. So let’s go for kapalabhati now take the Kleenex and keep it close at hand and exhale firmly wonderful now feel how much more open and fresh you are now this is a wonderful way to start the day an excellent morning practice to keep your immune system and colds and bronchitis at bay prasarita padottan Asana standing forward fold with wide legs now we’re going to be engaging the Uji breath as we go into our forward fold and that’s a very slight constriction at the base of the throat. And it’s meant to extend the breaths. So that we can create more lung capacity. So that we can bring more oxygen and more product or life force into ourselves. So the feet come wide wider than the hips. And then we bend the knees we take the sit bones back we let the pelvis come up and over the heads of the femurs. And then we reach forward toward the ground toward a chair. And we let the head hang long slow smooth in-breath and long slow smooth out breath keep the knees nice and bent. So that we can protect the low back now we’ll bend one knee at a time. And just take the hips from side to side exhaling completely feeling the belly come to the front spine now we come back to Center we inhale halfway lift lengthen the spine exhale forward fold inhale halfway lift lengthen the spine get lots of space in between the disks exhale forward fold one more time inhaling halfway lift exhale forward fold.

And then we’ll come back to moving the hips from side to side use the huge I breath that very slight constriction at the back of the throat here now we’ll come back to Center we’ll take our hands onto our knees energize the legs and rise up now we’re gonna take some Sun breaths bring the feet closer together lift the ribs off of the pelvis. And then hands to heart center son breaths to bring more openness and expansion into the upper part of the chest inhaling out and up exhale hands to heart center inhaling out and up really reaching opening the armpits exhale hands to heart center come back on the heels energize the legs. And the glutes inhale draw the shoulder blades down the back exhale hands to heart center now we’re going to do a few neck stretches. So we’re gonna take the left arm out just a couple of degrees away from the left hip the right arm is gonna come up and over we’re lengthening the back of the neck. And then the head tilts over spread the fingers nice and wide let the shoulder come out away from the base of the neck we’re gonna take that left arm bring it down behind the low back bring the shoulder back bring the elbow back. And then just create this beautiful opening in the left part of the neck the arm comes out again rotate the arm. So the palms face up then lift the arm just a few more degrees reaching out energizing the upper arm feel the tricep these triceps get sleepy. So just energize and bring it up and hug it up to the bone. And then arm comes down right arm comes up and over. And we just stand and notice the difference between the left. And the right side now let’s go to the other side the left arm comes up and over we lengthen the back of the neck engage the legs tilt the head over it’s. So Important for us to move lymph and energy out of the neck stress keeps our shoulders high things get stuck here the muscles start to shorten the connective tissue starts to bind. And then our lymphatic system starts to become compromised.

So It’s important to open things up and create new fresh product to allow to come in and nourish all of the cells here we’re gonna come down into elevated leg shav Asana for rosemary we’ve got four bolsters that are gonna really elevate her legs quite nicely and Karen and I are just gonna use a round bolster to support our knees and give a little bit of space into the low back, if you’d have blanket or towel handy you could use that as your support as well, if the low back is pinchy at any time just move the hips away from the ribs let the upper legs rotate inwardly the heels are moving out the toes are moving in the knees are moving in as well. And then we let them go this is creating a little bit more room in the SI joints take the shoulder blades down the back and in behind the heart let the arms come away from the sides of the ribs. So that the ribs can move freely as we work with the breath feel yourself surrendered to the ground take a few breaths and since that feeling of getting wider and flatter with every out breath we take a long slow smooth and breath into the feet into the legs breathing in light and spaciousness and exhaling tension now bring awareness to the left side of the belly just behind the stomach the spleen it’s a very large organ that’s an accessory organ to the immune system. And the lymphatic system in fact it acts like a very large lymph node blood is coming in here and being cleansed lymph is coming through here and being purified bring your awareness here to the left side of the belly and take a long slow smooth and complete in-breath pausing at the top of the in-breath. And then exhaling take another long slow smooth and breath into the spleen breathing in light and spaciousness thanks for reading be sure to subscribe to the blog and stay up to date on all the latest posts and let me know in the comments section below what other kind of posts you’d like to see.

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