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Felt truly relaxed real people with real problems I’m Debra divine and yes that was the story of how I came to gentle yoga besides my physical issues my mind was shot workaholism meant that I was always on. But after a while my mind just started to shut off based on this experience I’ve created a very simple practice that anyone could do and yoga is your secret weapon to yoga practice helps to keep the brain sharp and functionally at its peak do these yoga tips with me right now to fire up the neural connections help increase blood flow to the brain and improve memory and cognitive function let’s begin with a warm-up we’re going to come down to the floor and, if you have access to a wall we can take our legs up the wall, if you don’t have a while a chair is just as good. So we take our hind quarters as close up to the chair or the wall as we can. And then we come down onto the back just letting the legs rest on the edges of the chair. So we’re going to start circling the ankles and circling the feet.

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And then we’ll take the hands up to the sky and we’re going to start circling the wrists and circling the fingers this is a wonderful way to just release some surface tension here and reverse the effects of gravity now let’s shake the hands out. And we’ll just shake the feet out. And then we’re just going to take a couple of breaths here let’s take the hands onto the belly will take a couple of long slow smooth and complete in and out breaths when we rest our spine on the ground and allow our legs to be inverted there’s this wonderful sensation of lymph and blood that drains out of lower extremities. And this helps us move into the parasympathetic nervous system when we’re experiencing mental fatigue we can sort of go into this stress slight aspect of the nervous system. So this is reversing that and allowing us to rest and settle the breath and by settling the breath we’re starting to settle the mind will take a few more moments here reading the breath very carefully and reading the belly through the hands expanding on the unrest and contracting on the out breath and, if we bring our awareness to the breath throughout the whole practice will find that the mind will feel extremely rejuvenated feel a lot more clear for the end of the practice. So let’s move into nadi shodhana alternate nostril breathing we can have a seat on a chair or a bolster and, if you sit on the edge of their seat and have your feet directly underneath your knees you can have your knees spread apart a little bit give you more stability better foundation take the shoulder blades down the back and broaden through the collar bones now we’ll take the right hand will take the index finger and move it in toward the palm we take the middle finger and move it in toward the palm. And then we take the pinky finger. And we bring it right up close to the ring finger the thumb comes out. And then we have these little pinchers right here. So the ring finger pad is going to come on to the left nostril right underneath the bone. And the pad of the thumb is going to come on to the right nostril right underneath the bone it’s a very light pressure and nutty showed enough is about closing off one nostril exhaling. And then inhaling.

And then closing off that nostril opening up the other nostril and exhaling and inhaling all right we begin on the right with an exhalation. So just pressing gently on the left side of the nostril exhale inhale through the right nostril. And then switch sides take the ring finger off the left nostril with the thumb on the right exhale inhale switch over Maddie shoda that is an excellent pose to help us balance the heating and cooling aspects of our nervous system all right now we can take our hands down rest the hands on the thighs. And just breathe naturally for a few moments it doesn’t take too many repetitions of the alternate nostril breath to find out that not only our rebalancing our heating and cooling in our bodies. But we’re also balancing the mind calming the mind thanks for reading be sure to subscribe to the blog stay up to date of all the latest posts and let me know in the comments section below what other kind of posts you’d like to see.

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