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Yoga tip on 29-46, thinks in terms of the third. Part of Krsna s aim in the Gita is to shift Arjuna away from his consequentialist approach to karma and ethics towards one which has intention and action as central. In this regard, Krsna s understanding of karma comes quite close to that of the Buddhists: karmic fruits arise primarily out of a person s intention or motivation. However, in Buddhism and also Jainism right intention is essentially non-violent (ahimsa). By contrast, for Krsna right intention is either or both of intending to do one s duty without thought for the consequences or outcomes and intending to act as an expression of devotion to god. A crucial question here is that of how one knows which acts are within the scope of one s duty and which fall outside of it. For Arjuna, and for all members of traditional Hindu society, this is not too problematic for by the time that the Gita was composed detailed guidelines on such matters were available in texts known as dharma sastras. Yoga tip 2016.

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