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Yoga terms on What is this? Cookbook science, he claims, is the foundation of all modern science.47 He also claims that all the people he comments on in chapter 3, are clearly engaged in very sound empirical science. Then comes the qualification: [BUT] To be sure, most of it [i.e. empirical science] is cookbook science 48 Indeed, as he states at the end of the chapter, the kind of science practised in the cultures to which he refers: traditional Japanese fishermen; the West African Fulani pastoralists; the East African Boran pastoralists, and the Mende agriculturalists of Sierra Leone, is low-level empirical science.49 So, empirical science = cookbook science and low-level empirical science is, presumably, low-level cookbook science. Things are not quite so simple, however, since he uses the term most. Yoga terms 2016.

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