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Yoga terms positions on The Indian understanding of time, of human destiny and of the kinds of connections that exist between language, the physical world and the various realms within the physical world are all different from what is generally accepted in the West, and these differences can have quite a profound effect on how we make sense of yoga. TIME For most Europeans, Antipodeans and Americans ( Westerners for short), time is linear. It began with the creation of the universe, whether that is understood in terms of the big bang or the act of a creator god, and is moving forwards to some final end. In India, the predominant view is that time is cyclical. This creation is just one of many that have come into existence and gone out of existence over millions and millions of years and one of many that will come into existence and go out of existence over millions and millions of years. One version of this cyclical view (there are many) takes the basic unit of time as a day in the life of the creator god Brahma, who lives for 100 years and then passes out of existence for the same period of time before returning again to create the universe once more. A day of Brahma is called a kalpa, a time during which he is awake. Yoga terms positions 2016.


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