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Yoga techniques on In the West, however, they have been treated with dis-trust perhaps because much of our acquaintance with trance states comes through the medium of hypnosis, particularly stage hypnosis and the fictional character of Svengali; though the Christian Church probably had an important part to play as well. One of the difficulties that immediately confronts the student of trance states is that they are so diverse in their manifestations and so varied in the means of their induction. These two factors, manifestation and induction, are quite closely related. The method of inducing a trance state significantly influences the kind of trance experience that a person will have. For example, if a trance is induced by the use of suggestions for comfort and relaxation then the trance will be accompanied by bodily relaxation and the subjective experience of being comfortable. Because these kinds of suggestions are commonly employed by hypnotherapists to induce trance, some authors have gone so far as to suggest that relaxation is a defining characteristic of trance.15 It isn t. Yoga techniques 2016.

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