Yoga Tadasana Pose

The author has tried to convey this in the verse by using the phrase expanse of the sky. Yogins, Yoga Tadasana Pose not being able to grasp the real Selfs nature as pure consciousness, remain immersed, as it were, in the cave of dreamless sleep, regarding the Self’s nature to be the void. They thereby bind their Self, whose nature is pure consciousness, by a web of insensibility, deluded by the identification of the Self with something dumb. One would think such delusion should be the cause for surprise or distress, which no individual could possibly wish to cause to himself. Citing an example from everyday experience, the author says that just as a spider binds its omnipresent Self in the form of a body with the cobwebs made by itself out of its guts and subsequently perishes therein, so the individual being, regarding his body to be his Self, binds himself by imaginary concepts vikalpa in the form of I and mine.

I This has been beautifully expressed by the Buddhists thus: When one looks upon himself ns the Self, he regards himself as a unique being due to the distinction between the Self and another being I the not-selfl; this causes bondage and hostility I between the Self and the not-selfl. All evils ensue from the assumption of such bondage. 33 How can this great delusion arising from the experience of the Self in the not-self, such as the physical body, which is difficult to eradicate, be destroyed? Abhinavagupta’s reply is that only the divine freedom of the supreme Lord is capable of eradicating all such delusion, as he states: Lord ParamaSiva liberates himself from bondage by loosening its grip through the glory of knowledge of the Self.

Thus bondage and liberation are his divine play. The supreme Lord liberates himself from his self-imposed bondage by experiencing himself as pure consciousness. This self-experience implies the knowledge of his innate divine freedom, the glory of which causes the dissolution of the false identification of the Self with the physical body, etc. This results in the experience of the supreme 1 pQrnlhamttl which signifies the expansion of his freedom. He then has the experience 1 am pure consciousness, massive bliss, and absolute freedom, thereby realizing his true nature as the supreme Lord.

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