Yoga Supta Balasana, Apanasana Pose

The fettered individual who is really none other than himself the supreme Lord. In this way, he reveals his divine sport,1 consisting of his self-created bondage and subsequent liberation, a sport which he could not experience and enjoy were he alone. It is the very nature of Siva that he, remaining always the supreme Lord, manifests himself in different roles in the world as various subjects. This is the essence of his unrestricted divine freedom.

Besides this, there are other states that are manifested, resting in the highest Apanasana Pose state of the supreme Lord’s essence. All this is explained in the following verse: Yogarctja’s commentary on verse 34 Looking respectively from the cosmic and the individual subject’s point of view, both the states of creation, etc., and the states of waking, etc., are revealed as existing in the fourth abode of the supreme Lord, whose nature is massive bliss and absolute supreme I purnahamta. All these states owe their existence to their resting in the fourth abode of the supreme Lord, though they appear as existing outside the imagined subject.

Whatever is not manifested as part of the supreme Lord’s being cannot manifest externally. Therefore the fourth state permeates all the states of being. This has also been stated in Siva Siltra I III. 20: The fourth abode permeates the three states like oil. This is the intended meaning of the above verse.

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